Weisse Flotte Müritz
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Weisse Flotte Mueritz - The White Fleet on the Mueritz Lake


Our Destination: Lake of Plau – Mueritz Lake – Rheinsberg

Our fleet put reliably in all ports between the Mueritz Lake and the Lake of Plau as well as between the Mueritz Lake and Rheinsberg in regular services. We take you to the “Baederbahnen” (tourists’ tram) of Waren and Plau and to the starting point of your ramble and to your connecting ride on the bus into the Mueritz National Park safe and in time. Besides you will comfortably arrive at your starting point for your bicycle rally on the “Mueritz Radrundweg” or the “Plauer See-Radrundweg” (cycle tracks) with us.

Explore the Mueritz National Park by bus and by ship
The busses from PVM run hourly between „Steinmole“ in Waren (Mueritz) and the mooring „Bolter Kanal“ through the Mueritz National Park. From different stop points chosen by yourself you are able to explore our national park. For your way in and out across the Mueritz Lake you will use the ships of the “Weisse Flotte Mueritz”. There are connections from Mueritz Hotel in Klink and from Roebel and Rechlin. Your bicycle will be carried by bus trailer and by ship.

Please ask for further information, we are sure you will find your personal specialties for your holidays.

Special Tours and Charter Tours: Come and see the lakes and more – it’s an experience

Pleasure steamer and event tours
Do you like to explore the maze of lakes and channels? Are you interested in watching what fishermen are doing on their fishing farms? Won’t you try local food and specialties? What about watching the “fire symphony” on board our ships at midsummer night? You get closer to your goal and destination in the right mood with our ships of “Weisse Flotte Mueritz” – no matter if you will have an arrangement for a group or for a single person, it’s all inclusive.

River cruises
River cruises on board of our Pullman ship “Mueritz” are an unforgettable event among of a beautiful nature. For several days enjoy yourself on trips to different destinations and spend the nights in comfortable accommodations along the route.

Charter Cruises
For the whole year you can charter our ships for private tours or business events. Do you like a special environment for your birthday party or to celebrate an unforgettable event on the eve of your wedding or to have a selected surrounding for business events? Whatever you want to celebrate – our ships will offer you an extraordinary setting.

Our Fleet

Our fleet is the best possible composition of modern ships and of a veteran of eighty years costly restored and of a new built steamer. All of them offer a high level of security and comfort and service and they can be used and prepared individually for any kind of event. Altogether there are nine ships and the best ones are named “Europa” and “Diana” and “Mueritz”.

For nostalgians: the steamer „Europa“
Our flag ship is the steamer “Europa”. She was built after plans and images from the twentieth and thirtieth and nevertheless she fits to all necessities of modern technique and shows a nostalgic charming at the same time. In the back there are upholstered suites comfortably styled and they invite for a rest. In the front part there is the possibility of establishing a dancing floor and a buffet. The upper deck will be used individually as a sun deck.

For enjoying people: the Pullmann ship “Diana“
Regularly “Diana” cruises on the “Upper Lakes” for a “Grand Tour”. She is prepared for disabled persons and offers many places and catering service. Therefore it is possible for her to make trips and cruises all day long and she can be used for meetings and company representations and weddings and family celebrations and for trips with dancing and “Light Cruises”.

The Mueritz Lake – the heart of the „Upper Lakes“

There is the Mueritz Lake in the middle of the romantic „Mecklenburger Seenplatte“(lake district) with its more than 1000 lakes and it’s the biggest lake in Germany. It is in connection with the “Upper Lakes” the greatest of all natural chain of lakes in Central Europe. The region is well known as a popular destination for holidays and accepted for its original nature and rural villages and its calmness and silence. At the same time there are many offers for different activities. The younger and the older people regard the varied range of leisure activities – and if you were here for once you will be back again and again.

Explore the region – we take you to your destination safely
It’s a “Must” for all travelers – to go on tour by ship across the Mueritz Lake in a good mood; for example on our nostalgic Pullman steamer “Europa”. Our regular services and different special tickets offer you a range of possibilities to explore the region – no matter if you walk or you go by bicycle or by bus or you use them all in a combined manner. River cruises and experience events and charter tours complete our offers.

Whatever you are going to decide – you are welcome on board!